G Brands

Apple Dabs is a premier extract company specializing in top shelf nug run concentrates. We use cutting edge technology and equipment to provide the cleanest, most potent extracts.

Quality Control is our mantra. We strive to offer our patients a superb product. We are confident that upon trying any of our products you will be very pleased with your choice.

We are Prop 215 compliant and work with many shops in Southern California. If your shop or delivery would like to try and carry our products, contact us for wholesale prices and samples.

JUJU Royal by Julian Marley

JUJU ROYAL branded products are held to the highest standards, all of our flower and consumables must pass the Julian Marley Test for potency, taste and effect. Our Ultra Premium cannabis is grown organically using Eco-friendly practices and only the best strains are selected to represent the Juju Royal brand. Available in Indica, Sativa & Hybrid 1 gram Pre-rolls.

Liquid Gold Cannabis Infused Products

A luxury brand specifically created for the consumer who enjoys the finer things in life. Oil extracts and a diverse array of edible products have positioned Liquid Gold as industry leaders by industry leaders.

Sagely Naturals

Based in Santa Monica, California, Sagely was created by Kaley and Kerrigan when their moms began complaining about how daily aches and pains were standing in the way of being active. Believers in the natural healing power of CBD, they got to work on an approachable solution that could help people, like their moms, who want the medical benefits of hemp without the psychoactive side effects.

• Relief & Recovery Cream 2oz

• Relief & Recovery Cream 4oz

• Relief & Recovery Pain Spray

• Headache & Migraine Roller Ball

• Relief & Recovery CBD & Turmeric Capsules

Quigley’s Cannabis Shot

Our fast-acting, long-lasting formula means you’re always just a few seconds away from experiencing the Quigley’s effect. When the need for cannabis arrives, be sure you’re within arm’s reach of Quigley’s. So what makes Quigley’s so fast? It’s all in the science. Unlike most Cannabis delivery systems that must first reach the liver, our innovative, patent-pending formula delivers effects quickly by being absorbed directly into the soft tissue of the upper digestive tract instead. This makes Quigley’s fast-acting formula unlike any other cannabis delivery system available. Most importantly, our fast-acting blend allows you to be in control of your experience every step of the way. Since the effects kicks-in fast, you’re able to regulate how much you need to reach the desired effect.

Malverde Aguas Frescas

Malverde, sometimes known as the “Generous Bandit”, “Angel of the Poor” or the “Narco-Saint”, is a folklore hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. He was of Yoreme and Spanish heritage. He is a “Robin Hood figure” who was presumed to have stolen from the rich to give to the poor. We pay homage to Malverde with our new line of Cannabis Infused Aguas Frescas!